925furniture.co.uk recognises the importance of environmental considerations in all aspects of its operation and will take these into account in all stages of our business. This will assess our  impact on the environment and ensure controls are in place to prevent environmental damage and pollution, whilst continuing to provide our customers with the high quality service and office products required.

At all times 925furniture will comply with, and where possible exceed, the requirements of applicable environmental legislation and other relevant requirements.

All Environmental aspects of the 925furniture business shall be identified and impacts assessed to form the basis of the environmental objectives. In particular, the following points of interest will be pursued, as far as is reasonably practicable via company objectives, to ensure continual improvement     of 925furniture.co.uk  environmental performance:

Conservation of energy
  • · Conservation of resources used in our operations, particularly in the use of packaging
  • · Minimisation of waste in production and packaging
  • · Reduction of emissions of solvents into the workplace and atmosphere
  • · Provision of safe, clean and hygienic working conditions
  • · Reduction of noise levels to lowest levels practicable
  • · Safe storage and disposal of waste to meet “duty of care” requirements
  • · The responsible development, operation and maintenance of plant and associated processes to reflect the principles above
  • · Efficient management of van and car fleets to reduce or control, wherever possible, vehicle emissions